This Article Saying Millennials Can’t Cook Is Getting Its Ass Kicked On Twitter

One of the media’s favorite pastimes is waxing poetic about how Millennials are so flawed that it’s basically crashing every industry in the country (never mind the fact that we aren’t the generation responsible for gifting ourselves with a crippling economy).

Now This News recently took this angle to the next level with a “study” about how Millennials A.) can’t cook, and B.) can’t identify a butter knife.

First of all: this survey simply asked people whether they would consider themselves to be good cooks. Only 64.7% of Millennials said they were proficient at cooking, compared to the 76.1% of Baby Boomers who said they were accomplished in the kitchen. This sampling is more indicative of Millennial’s general sense of self-image (hint: deeply insecure) than anything else and is not actually a conclusive piece of evidence.

Not surprisingly, Twitter came for this piece of “news” with their claws out.

First off, people were rolling their eyes over the idea that one does any COOKING with a BUTTER KNIFE — which, as any good millennial could probably tell you, is a SERVING UTENSIL.

Then there’s the fact that there have obviously been worse generations of cooks, because how the f**k do you explain SPAM? Or gelatin salads topped with MARSHMALLOWS?

Clearly, this is just clickbait for Baby Boomers who are looking to dunk on younger generations. And honestly? They should just take a step back, because we’ve got their number (which probably a landline, OOOOHHHH).

Bottom line: saying millennials as a whole don’t know/can’t do something is a vague, sweeping gesture which ultimately means nothing.

So, please stop using these stories about how millennials are the bane of society, especially when they’re accompanied by such biased logic — otherwise, we’re going to start publishing stories about how “Baby Boomers can’t conduct a scientific study.”