Mom Refuses To Pay For A Shirt Her Baby Threw Up, Wonders If She’s In The Wrong

In addition to being adorable, babies are stinky and messy and a whole lot of other unpleasant things. It’s pretty much expected that they poop, pee, and vomit on pretty much everything in sight, which is why one new mom on Reddit is in a bit of a pickle.

Taking to the AITA subreddit, the mom in question, who gave birth four weeks ago, posted a quandary: Should she have to fork out more than $2,000 to replace a shirt that her baby ruined by throwing up all over it? For once, there didn’t seem to be a clear-cut answer.

Before we go any further, we need to lay down the backstory. The mom who posted the thread revealed that she and her partner decided to throw a “baby ceremony” so that everyone could meet their new daughter, Charlotte. One of the guests was the OP’s cousin Alice, who has, as OP put it, “expensive tastes” and only wears designer clothes because she’s a banker and likes to waste money, I guess.

In any case, when it was Alice’s turn to hold the baby, little Charlotte threw up all over Alice’s top, causing Alice to run off crying and spend the rest of the evening shedding more tears in her car.

Alice refused to accept OP’s apology and went off in a huff, but the drama didn’t end there.

“Today I got a call from my mum, saying that she’d been on the phone to her sister (Alice’s mum) saying that they want me to reimburse the cost of the blouse (roughly £1800) since it was completely ruined,” the new mom wrote.

“I have said no. At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like. She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired. I feel bad for her but it was not my fault.”

However, it seems OP is having doubts about her response to the situation since she’s asking Reddit whether or not she was “doing the right thing by refusing to pay up.”

And admittedly, while many of the questions posed in the subreddit have an obvious answer, this one doesn’t, and the many responses the thread received show how torn everyone is about it.

Whether or not Alice is right to be upset or the OP is right for holding out on payment, I feel like there’s one lesson we can all learn here: don’t wear $2,000 clothes around a newborn.