Batman, Spider-man, And Others Listed As Interns On Official Trump White House Report

The 2019 report from the Trump White House’s Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) is out, and it includes a number of notable fictional interns. Martha Gimbel, who used to work for the CEA, noticed the questionable characters, including Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Star Trek: Voyager captain Kathryn Janeway.

For those who aren’t as steeped in comic book culture as the rest of us, here’s a handy translation:

White House CEA

The CEA (or whichever intern runs their Twitter account) tried to play the flub off as just a bit of fun, which seems dubious.

There are several words I’d use to describe the Trump White House staff but “lighthearted” and “fun-loving” are not among them.

Twitter was divided over whether this was a harmless prank or more evidence of gross White House incompetence:

And of course there were jokes:

If this was a case of interns trying to keep their names off a government report, you’ve gotta at least give them points for creativity. Still, it probably won’t help them with the job hunt post-White House. No one’s hiring ex-Trump staffers except the Trump campaign and Fox News (at least they both appreciate fiction).

h/t: Associated Press