‘Becky Blocker’ Calls The Cops On A Black Man For Entering His Own Apartment Building And Lies That He Choked Her

Though a pleasantly staggering number of (white) people have had their lives destroyed over racist behavior caught on tape, they just! can’t! stop! It’s almost as though their racist ideologies are so deeply ingrained, they don’t expect any consequences for their gross behaviors!

The latest viral video sees D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles being quite literally blockaded by a white woman as he attempts to enter his own apartment building in St. Louis, MO. Later identified as property manager Hilary Brooke, the woman is seen refusing to allow Toles to enter the “luxury apartment” building, then trailing him into the elevator and all the way to his apartment door as he politely asks her to stop following him.

Toles documented the incident in a series of three videos, which he shared to Facebook last Friday. In the caption, he writes that he “never really thought this would happen to me, but it did!” and that he is “shocked this is America in 2018!” He also adds that the woman had indeed called the authorities and that police showed up at his door just a half hour after the incident.

The Internet quickly helped identify Brooke, spreading an image of her with a man named Brandon Mueller, who appears to be her significant other.

A screenshot from The Matus Group Rea Estate Advisors, where Brooke user to work, claims no affiliation with the woman, adding that Mueller is also no longer involved with her. Their Facebook page was deleted after the following response:

Soon afterwards, Tribeca Management issued a statement revealing they had fired Brooke from her job as a property manager with their minority-owned firm.

As for Toles? He’s got a positive attitude about the situation, following the videos up with a message thanking people for their support and urging them not to bash Brooke but to instead “just send her positive waves of energy.”

We could all take a page from Toles’ book.333