Mom Nags Dad About Car Seat Safety And Potentially Saves Their Baby’s Life

A mom named Rebecca Tafaro Boyer has single-handedly justified every impulse to correct, warn and prod dads everywhere after potentially saving her baby’s life with a text. Boyer wrote on Facebook that her husband was out with their baby, William, running errands. As a new mom, Boyer was insistent about getting regular updates about lil’ Will’s condition and her patient husband obliged.

Boyer shared a screenshot of her text convo, which includes and adorable photo of sleeping William in his car seat. It also shows her correcting how her husband has put William into that car seat, saying the buckle is placed incorrectly on the baby’s body and isn’t tight enough.

Boyer writes, “I’m sure that he laughed at me and rolled his eyes before tightening the car seat and fixing the chest clip.”

Was she being too careful? Usually, we don’t find out if our fears are justified unless something terrible happens, but in this instance, Boyer’s protective impulse was immediately tested. She writes:

At 2:30 my phone rang, my husband’s panicked voice came through the line, “Honey, we had a car wreck. We are fine, but the car is going to be totaled.” The boys were less than three miles from our house when a woman pulled into oncoming traffic to try and make a quick left turn. David just didn’t have enough time to stop – it could have happened to anyone. He slammed on the brakes at nearly 50 miles an hour before colliding with the front passenger side door of her SUV. My precious little bundle of joy was so well restrained in his car seat, THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN WAKE UP. Even with the impact of the two cars, William only received a minor jolt – so insignificant that he was able to continue on with his nap, and then spend the next two hours flirting with nurses in the Le Bonheur ED.

Boyer’s husband wasn’t so lucky—he broke his foot in three places and has dislocated toes. It was a serious accident, but William was fine, because he’d been strapped in properly at his mom’s urging.

Boyer says she didn’t want to share this story to mom-shame or even applaud herself. She’s just incredibly thankful everything worked out. Except her husband’s toes.

And she shared a few pointers for folks who don’t know the basics of car seat safety for infants:

  1. “All infants should be REAR FACING in the back seat until at least the age of two and snuggly secured in a 5 POINT HARNESS in a car seat base that does not move more than one inch in any direction.”
  2. If you’ve been in a “moderate to severe” accident, the car seat is no longer safe. Throw it out, and demolish it so no one picks it up off the street to use or sell.
  3. Don’t add seat belt cushions, because additional padding could make a seat belt ineffective!

And if you need to know more, which is seems like most people do, she writes, “Information on car seat safety and proper installation can be found online via, at your local children’s hospital, or local police department.”

That’s a lot to process, but the basic lesson is easy: when it comes to a baby’s safety, go as hard as possible.