Best Man Discovers It’s Actually His Wedding Day When The Bride Comes In

Marriage is a huge commitment and everyone is ready to make it at different times. For this couple in Wales, it took a while to get on the same page about their wedding day. In fact, right up until the moment it happened, one of them didn’t even know they were getting married.

Metro reports that Aleasha Pilawa refused to marry her partner Paul Schoproni, even though he asked her “30 times a day.” She says she was working several jobs, in school, has three kids, and had already been married twice. There wasn’t much appeal in planning yet another ceremony. But she loves Schoprani, and wanted to make it up to him. She did what any sane person would—tricked him into thinking he was the best man at another couple’s wedding, then showed up in a wedding dress.

In the video below, you can see Pilawa make her grand entrance singing their song, “It Should Have Been Me.”

Schoprani says that when his bride-to-be first entered, he thought it was a very strange joke, and you can sort of see him smiling, not really understanding what’s going on.

She enters:

He recognizes her, and smiles a little:

He starts to look uncomfortable:

But then she gets down on one knee to propose:

At first, he rejects her and runs away. Payback is payback. But then he returns and they’re happily married:

Pilawa managed to make her own dress and a three-tier wedding cake for the special day, which involved a lot of hiding and lies to her oblivious fiancé.

“He did get suspicious once or twice so I’d have to create an argument just so I could be alone to plan our wedding,” she said. “So, yes, there were a few nights when he ended up sleeping outside in the van, bless him.”

Sounds like a crazy amount of conflict for no reason, but it’s also the relationship they both wanted. They’re perfect for each other, and planning a honeymoon. Honestly, if you want to get married to someone very badly, it might be nicer to sleep in a van a few times than to have to deal with the planning. Schoproni really lucked out with his wife.