18 Of The Best Reactions To Trump’s Bonkers ‘National Emergency’ Press Conference

After Trump embarrassingly lost the shutdown showdown he initiated, he delegated the issue of “border security” (AKA his wall) to a bipartisan committee. They hammered out a compromise giving Trump just 55 miles of new barrier fencing and less money than he was asking for before the shutdown. Yesterday the White House announced he would sign the deal but that he would also be declaring a national emergency in order to construct the wall Congress rejected.

Trump issued his national emergency declaration from the White House rose garden today, and the entire press conference was surreal:

Trump lied about how most of the drugs from Mexico enter the United States, contradicting his own DEA:

Trump lied about his unprecedented national emergency declaration, claiming it’s been done before:

Trump did a bizarre sing-song rant describing the court challenges he anticipated as a result of the declaration:

Trump imitated Chinese President Xi Jinping saying ‘We give death penalty’ while pushing for harsher sentences for drug dealers:

Trump admitted he let his right-wing media sycophants counsel him on the decision to declare a national emergency…

But claimed he doesn’t know Ann Coulter:

Trump claimed to have secret stats he wasn’t sharing showing criminal activity by immigrants, when immigrants actually commit crimes at lower rates than the native-born population:

Trump also said “I didn’t need to do this” in reference to declaring a national emergency, which perked the ears of those who want to challenge the declaration in court:

In conclusion:

h/t: CNN