20 Of The Best Suggestions For Trump’s Next Chief Of Staff

The turnover in Trump’s White House is insanely high. Trump just can’t seem to keep all that top-notch talent in the building! Even though Trump likes to claim there are tons of people begging to work there, it turns out the only begging that’s happening is on his side of the Oval Office desk.

Trump recently announced that his Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, would be leaving at the end of the year. Thanks to Trump’s abysmally low popularity, his tendency to humiliate anyone who works for him, and his habit of committing crimes, he’s having a tough time filling the job.

To help find the perfect candidate, beloved social media deity @TheGoodGodAbove asked his ‘faithful flock’ for some suggestions.

And boy did they deliver. There were plenty of Simpsons suggestions:

And Gritty was a heavy favorite (because everything’s better with Gritty):

Tons of celebrities are ‘qualified’ to serve under our reality TV president:

Actually, maybe a fictional character would be better…