Bill Maher Roasts Evangelicals For Believing Trump Was Chosen By God

Bill Maher is at times a controversial figure on the left but when it comes to roasting the religious few do it better.

In a recent segment Maher turned his attention to last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, calling CPAC, with its various conservative luminaries, “a veritable Woodstock of the mentally impaired.” Maher took a special moment to roast My Pillow founder Mike Lindell’s performance after the pillow millionaire, and fervent Trump supporter, made the wild claim that Trump was “chosen by God.”

Maher segued into talking about the broader view that evangelical Christians have of Trump and describes how they consider him a “modern version of King Cyrus” a Biblical king of Persia who helped free the Jewish people despite being a conquerer.

The problem for evangelicals, as Maher points out, is that Trump indulges in Deadly Sins so frequently that painting him as a God-fearing Christian is a tough sell. He is, in Maher’s words, “the type of man who would go into a confessional booth and never come out.”  So like Cyrus, the nonsensical argument goes, Trump is perhaps not the best Christian around, but he’s a “vessel” for God’s will. Except, as Maher says, he’s not a vessel for God’s will “he’s a vessel for fried chicken.”

But if Trump’s not a good Christian, you may ask, why was he signing all those bibles the other day?

He was just proving he can spell his name.

Watch Maher’s full-length roast of Trump-supporting evangelicals below.

h/t: RawStory