People Argue Whether Woman Should Report Medical Professional Who DM’d Her After Drawing Her Blood

There are always going to be people out there blaming women for the bad behavior of men: this story from Twitter user @_annarebecca is such a stark example of this perspective it should be in a textbook. The replies to her made me want to throw something at a wall.

She shared a screenshot of an Instagram DM notification from a guy named Dan, in which he wrote, “Hey this might seem a bit odd but I done your blood test the other day at the hospital, and I thought you were good looking and seemed nice so here I am shooting my shot.”

She captioned it, “Hello HR is that you.”

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Yes, a guy who drew her blood is actually hitting on her via her Instagram days later, meaning he did some kind of spying on her, possibly looked up her medical records, and now thinks this is an appropriate next move.

To be absolutely clear, IT IS NOT. The man works in a hospital, which means what he is doing in that message is illegal no matter how politely worded. And if you’ve lived as a woman, you know that polite words don’t actually mean all that much when it comes to knowing someone’s intent. It’s not easy to reject someone who could potentially mess with your medical information or records. If she doesn’t report him, he has access, opportunity, and no one will know about it except her.

Just the same, some people said she’d be ruining the guy’s life if she did report this violation and that she would have liked it if he were cute.

Thankfully, there were a number of people willing to step in and say that the reality is he is messing up his own life with his actions. Some of them were even hospital staff, who know exactly how it’s drilled into employees that this behavior is not okay:

Anna eventually posted that she chose not to report Dan, but they talked and he “knows it was wrong.” She also said she’s received a ton of hate for her tweet: