Bombshell Report Reveals Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen’s Secret Third Client And Twitter Is Melting Down

This DEFINITELY doesn’t look good for Sean Hannity or Fox News.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer whose offices got raided in connection with the Mueller investigation, didn’t have a “real” law practice in the traditional sense of how people normally think of it. He worked primarily as a “fixer” for the Trump Organization, setting up foreign deals, and also happened to have a law degree. He’s used his legal expertise to help Trump keep some news stories hushed up, notably the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal affairs, but doesn’t have a long list of clients.

According to reports from the legal activity surrounding the raid on his office, he’s got a few clients. One of them is obviously Donald Trump. Another was recently revealed to be Republican National Committee Deputy Finance Chair Elliot Broidy (whose activities are also reportedly under scrutiny by the Mueller investigation). Broidy admitted to paying Cohen $250k to help him keep an affair with a Playboy Playmate (who received a $1.6 million payout and an abortion).

Court documents revealed there was a mysterious third client who didn’t want to be named, but no one could figure it out. Until now.

Turns out Michael Cohen did a little secret legal work for Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Given Cohen’s area of expertise—paying hush money to women who’ve had affairs with powerful conservative men—people are speculating this legal work could be in the same vein:

Others are wondering why TF Hannity gets to go on Fox News every night to demand an end to the Mueller investigation and the Cohen prosecution given that he has a conflict of interest bigger than his giant red head:

Others are mocking Fox News for downplaying the news that their star could be involved in the massive corruption investigation:

Fox eventually got around to briefly covering it, but hasn’t answered any questions about, you know, HIS CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST:

“Not denying” is not the same as “offering full disclosure.” If any other reporter or commentator had a conflict of interest this huge involving an earth-shattering investigation like this, Hannity’s giant head would go nuclear.

Hannity defensively addressed this issue on his radio show and Twitter:


Hannity saying he’s never retained Cohen or paid him legal fees could mean there’s no attorney-client privilege there, or could be used to argue there’s no attorney-client privilege by the prosecution. Hannity may come to regret offering such a categorical denial if the work Cohen did for him winds up being similar to his other work, which, again, is covering up for GOP men who can’t keep their zippers zipped.