Borat Returns To Mock Trump Supporters During The Midterms

As far as we know, the 2018 midterms haven’t been hacked by the Russians, but that isn’t stopping one Kazakhstani reporter from doing everything he can to influence voters. Yes, Borat Sagdiyev has returned to America and this time he’s on a mission to sway the midterms by going door-to-door and chatting with Trump-supporters.

Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new Showtime series Who Is America? But he also granted audiences a reprieve from the stress of midterm elections by reviving his iconic character Borat.

In a special segment, the hilarious Kazakhstani returns to the states to mock some of Trump’s supporters who believe he’s a real journalist.

One particularly uncomfortable scene features Borat getting a MAGA defender to high-five him in support of immigrant children being locked in cages at the border.

But Borat quickly shifts us back to hilarity when he undresses in a stranger’s home for no apparent reason. Cohen’s character is also shown attempting to tamper with voting by messing up polling signs and laying bacon in the path of a Jewish voter.

Like most of Cohen’s characters, Borat’s off-beat humor never fails to get the message across while also making us wildly uncomfortable.

Thanks for the distraction, Cohen it was much needed.

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