Woman Asks If She’s Wrong To Keep Married Boss’s Baby Against His Wishes

If you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing or if you’re wondering if you acted like a total buffoon, the best place to go on Reddit is r/AmItheA**hole, where people will give it to you straight. Lay out the situation, and accept the verdict of the comments.

Most actual a-holes end up arguing with everybody, but sometimes it does seem like someone learns something. Other times, the situation feels like it’s above Reddit’s pay grade, which I would say is the case for this woman posting under the handle u/feelingunwelcomed who want to know if she was the a-hole for keeping her baby. Oh boy.

The OP says she’s 35, and has been told her whole life that she will be unable to carry children. Smash-cut to a one-night stand with her boss, who is 50 years old.

Surprise, surprise, she gets pregnant. You can see where this is going:

I was overjoyed and finally felt complete. I am currently about 20 weeks and my boss found out yesterday when he came back from a sabbatical he took for 2 months. He’s MAD. He tells me i have to get rid of it. I then found out he had a wife and a whole entire family which i NEVER knew about. (btw i work at a private law firm and he owns it with his brother) He says he can’t have a child with me and even after i explained to him my fertility issues he said i have to get rid of it. In our area i could technically get an abortion right now.

I told him i’m not getting rid of it and he’s saying i ruined his life. We used a condom, he’s the only man i’ve slept with in the past 5 years. All my exes have left me because i cannot get pregnant so to me this is a miracle. In our area he would be required to pay child support, no matter what. I want this baby and i think i’m gonna keep it. He’s saying i’m ruining his life. I even recently found out it was a baby girl. My sister is on my side but her husband spent the better part of yesterday reaming me for forcing him to have a child. My boss is saying i’m gonna ruin his family and his kids life. So, AITA for keeping my baby?

For the record, I think she has the right to an abortion and a right to keep her baby if that’s what she wishes. Her boss shouldn’t have been cheating on his family and he has ruined his own life. But this also seems like something strangers on the Internet can’t decide!

I seem to be in the minority on that, because a number of people weighed in and she has been ruled NOT the a-hole in this situation:

It sounds like the OP is having this baby no matter what, so she should just leave her anxiety about it behind. Especially because she’ll probably have to look for another job and that’s plenty to worry about.