Both Trump And Giuliani Got Roasted By Kellyanne Conway’s Husband In A Single Delicious Tweet

George Conway is an ardent critic of Donald Trump, which wouldn’t be particularly remarkable if he wasn’t married to Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, and one of Trump’s most tireless mouthpieces.

This presumably makes for an awkward marriage and makes Conway’s Trump roasts that much tastier.

Whereas Kellyanne has never met a fact she couldn’t spin, her husband George appears to have little tolerance for bull plop and regularly takes to Twitter to totally contradict his wife and to verbally tear the Trump administration a new one.

He was back at it again on Thursday with a sarcastic jibe at Rudy Giuliani, who is, apparently and damningly, the best lawyer Donald Trump can find.

Conway’s tweet was in response to Giuliani tweeting about “witch hunts” and whether Donald Trump’s favorite descriptor for the ongoing Mueller investigation should be offensive to actual witches.

To be fair to Rudy it is kind of dumb if real life Wiccans are getting offended by the phrase “witch hunt” since it’s a common expression and not at all derogatory towards witches, the phrase being synonymous, as Rudy points out, with unjust persecution. If anything it’s colonial religious zealots who should be offended.

But, in addition to being a bad lawyer, Rudy Giuliani is really bad at Twitter. This has been well-documented. He’s so bad he doesn’t know how to delete a tweet, avoid typos, or how to avoid accidentally creating a link that trolls his boss.

Giuliani should know that tweeting about the Salem witch trials is more likely to get him and Trump incorporated into various green-tinted Wicked Witch of the West memes than to do anything to help his famous client.

In any case, people appreciated Mr. Conway’s efforts to never stop trolling Trump World.

He followed it up with another tweet fact-checking Trump on tariffs.

You go, George Conway.