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Boyfriend Thinks Tampons Come In Flavors, Asks Girlfriend If She Wants ‘Lemon Or Lime’

The world of feminine hygiene products can be overwhelming—even if you’ve been menstruating for years. It’s no surprise, then, that one boyfriend’s confusion over what kind of tampons to buy his girlfriend recently went viral.

Twitter user @broganpaget shared the text exchange Aug. 25 and quickly racked up more than 900,000 likes. Whether her boyfriend really thinks tampons come in flavors is still unclear, but that doesn’t make the story any less funny.

See the boyfriend’s hilarious tampon question for yourself:

To be sure, the boyfriend definitely deserves props for even asking what kind of tampon she prefers. On a more serious note, though, the situation once again brought to light the period stigma that leads many cisgender men to be so clueless about menstrual products in the first place.


Remember the NASA engineers who asked astronaut Sally Ride if 100 tampons would be OK for a week in space? Or that one guy who compared period cramps to skinned knees? Or the boyfriend who thought his girlfriend could turn off her flow “like a tap“?

You might argue that cis men don’t need to know how women’s bodies work, but you’d be wrong. And luckily, some sympathetic bros jumped to the unnamed boyfriend’s defense on Twitter and confessed their own bewilderment over the topic.

Many Twitter users graciously answered questions and shared tips about period products to help others avoid a similar fate.

Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter if the thread didn’t include a fair share of similar period-product catastrophes, of course.

The main consensus of the story? Any boyfriend, husband or partner willing to pick up some tampons or pads for you is probably a keeper. Besides, of all the misconceptions surrounding periods and period products, wondering if tampons come in flavors is bloody hilarious. Pun intended.