This Boy’s Reaction To Seeing His Deported Mom After Three Years Has Everyone Crying

With the recent revelations surrounding the despicable practices of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it’s no surprise that the subject of immigration is a particularly hot-button current issue.

Many families have been ripped apart due to the country’s immigration enforcement policies. As a result, it’s always inspiring and heartening to see families who are finally reunited with their deported love ones.

Twitter user Barbara has three siblings and lives in the U.S. with her father.


Her mother, however, has been living in Albania for the last three years battling with Immigration in order to come back to the United States.

Barbara recently filmed a heartwrenching moment between her little brother and her mother on the day Barbara’s mom was finally allowed to return to the country. Barbara’s mom surprised her son by showing up in a restaurant where the family was eating.

The boy’s reaction to seeing his mom for the first time in three years is moving, to say the least.

Both of her parents are Albanian, but Barbara says in her tweets that her dad is a citizen, and that she and her siblings were all born in the U.S.

The tearful family reunion had pretty much everyone on the timeline wiping their eyes.

And any conservative naysayers can just see themselves right out the door, thankyouverymuch.

Some people asked why the kids didn’t simply visit their mom overseas. Barbara says that her family did visit her mother while she was in Albania, but that tickets cost over $1,000 each, so it wasn’t a trip that the family could make very often.

Fortunately, international travel is no longer required for this family to be made whole again.

Here’s hoping that Barbara and her family are able to finally make up for lost time. While not every separated family is quite as lucky, it’s nice to see that these reunions are still happening.