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Brett Kavanaugh Screams, Breaks Down In Tears During Public Meltdown

Today, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee offering an emotionally raw, vivid, and frank account of Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault. Faced with (what I can only imagine being) a tremendous amount of pressure and a massive emotional burden, Dr. Ford maintained a remarkable degree of composure and professionalism.

But when it was her alleged attacker’s turn to testify, Kavanaugh decided his best strategy was to meet Dr. Ford’s calm composure with a whiny tantrum.

Kavanaugh broke down in tears discussing his detailed calendar from the summer of 1982:

He copped to liking beer and drinking in excess but claimed he never blacked out:

He suggested the allegations were part of a conspiracy against him by Democrats angry about the 2016 election. He also suggested the accusations were part of a revenge plot on behalf of the Clintons, presumably because he worked the Starr investigation that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment:

He also seemed to threaten retribution, which is not really the kind of thing fair-minded Supreme Court Justices do:

Naturally, his unhinged meltdown inspired some well-earned derision:

Plenty of people pointed out Kavanaugh’s hypocrisy:

As well as the ridiculous double standard applied to the alleged attacker, his victim, and all women:

Kavanaugh’s outburst did nothing to discredit Dr. Ford’s testimony, but it did discredit one person—himself:

Of course, the audience for Kavanaugh’s emotional defense was also one person—President Trump. Knowing that any kind of mealy-mouthed defense (or worse in Trump’s eyes, an apology) might inspire the president to pull his nomination in favor of a fresh nominee with less baggage, Kavanaugh came out swinging. Trump, however, doesn’t get a say in whether Kavanaugh is confirmed. That’s up to the Senate and the swing votes of Sens. Collins, Murkowski, Capito, Flake, and Sasse and in winning Trump’s vote of confidence he may have lost theirs.