Bride Who Lost Her Father Walks Down The Aisle With His Ashes In Her Nails

Losing a loved one is hard, but it’s especially difficult when the person who passes away is a parent. Charlotte Walton was devastated when her dad passed away in April 2019, just months before she was due to marry her long-time boyfriend, Nick. However, she managed to find a unique way to make her father part of her big day.

Charlotte, from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, was devastated when her father’s prostate cancer spread to his bones and lymph nodes, with the illness ultimately causing his untimely death. Making the tragedy even worse was that her dad would no longer be there to walk her down the aisle when she got married, something she’d dreamed about since she was a little girl.

Thankfully, Charlotte’s cousin Kirsty, a nail artist, had an ingenious idea: why not incorporate her dad’s ashes into her wedding day nails?

In a YouTube video, Kirsty explained her inspiration for the look, which used small bits of bones from Charlotte’s dad’s ashes to put into the design of the acrylics.

Charlotte was overjoyed with the idea, and even after the wedding was over, she chose not to get rid of the nails but instead to remove them and frame them at her home so that she never forgot the special day that she was still able to share with her dad in some small way. Now she’ll think of him every time she looks up to see those nails hanging on her wall.

It’s an admittedly unconventional idea but a really beautiful one as well. While Charlotte’s dad no doubt would have loved to be there in person to walk his daughter down the aisle, knowing he was still able to take part in such a special occasion was at least some small consolation to Charlotte and her family, who must have missed his presence dearly.