Internet Tears Apart Bride Who Shook Down Wedding Guest By Demanding More Money

We’ve all been to a wedding that was a little too extra. Maybe it was your wedding. Perhaps a friend or family member’s. Either way, it’s understandable that a big wedding doesn’t come cheap.

Yet, one bride started emailing her guests to shake them down for more money.

Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi Akiwowo attended her friend’s destination wedding in Romania. She traveled to the wedding to support the bride, a former coworker, and brought along a plus one.

Seyi says the wedding and reception were great, and when guests were asked to contribute to help cover the costs of the event, she didn’t think twice about giving what euros she had on her.

Seyi and her friend were low on euros by that point in the trip and, with no ATM or bank in sight, pooled 25 euros together to contribute. She didn’t think it would come up.

When Seyi returned to London, she received a venomous email from the bride, scolding her for the amount she gave.

Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi was taken back by the boldness of the email and the request for her to wire the couple more money, especially since none of this had been communicated beforehand and she had paid her own expenses to make it to the destination wedding.

In a Twitter thread, Seyi broke down her side of the events in a now-viral thread:

Of course, the rest of Twitter weighed in with their stunned reactions.

And, to make things perfectly clear, Seyi weighed in on the status of her friendship with the bride.