This Bride Actually Photoshopped An ‘Awful’ Bridesmaid Out Of Her Wedding Pics

Getting married is a stressful ordeal. Not only does it cost an arm and a leg (usually), but there are about a million decisions you have to make before the big day finally rolls around.

So it’s really no wonder that nuptials occasionally bring out the worst in people.

One Oregon newlywed recently discovered this the hard way when one of her bridesmaids turned into a total diva. According to the bride’s Facebook post, she had asked the woman in question to be a bridesmaid due to “pressure” — and, unfortunately for her, the woman had said “yes.”

According to the bride, the bridesmaid refused to participate in pre-wedding events, going so far as to boycott the bridesmaid group chat. She also refused to get ready at the venue and showed up hours late, right before the ceremony was about to start.

Her behavior during the ceremony wasn’t much better.

“The entire ceremony she was making a very upset face and silently making faces and eyes at her husband,” the bride recounts. “At the reception, she refused to speak to me at all. I would try to converse with her and she just blatantly ignored me. She even left without saying goodbye.”

“Family and friends told me she was bad-mouthing myself and the rest of the bridesmaids the entire reception and trying to start fights.”

The bride texted the surly bridesmaid a week later, and basically asked: “What gives?”

“Her response was to write me paragraphs about how awful I am, how I refused to include her in any bridesmaids duties and how I ghosted her,” the bride wrote.

The friend said that the only way they could salvage their relationship was to pretend the wedding “never happened.”

Instead of playing pretend, the bride decided to do one better: she Photoshopped the woman out of her wedding photos.

“I know this is pretty petty but I’ve had problems with her for the past three years and her asking me to forget that my wedding even happened really pushed me over the edge,” the bride claims. “I’m not about to pretend that my wedding never happened but I’m all for pretending that she was never there.”

Which may sound petty AF, but honestly? I’m LIVING for this level of decisiveness.

The bride then offered this sage piece of wisdom:

“Just because someone caused a stink at your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to look at them whenever you look back on your pictures.”


Cutting toxic people out of your life — and your photos — is sometimes necessary, y’all.