Burger King Trolls Trump Over ‘Hamberders’ Typo, Internet Responds With Deep-Fried Memes

You know you screwed up online when even brands start clowning on you. That generally means your goof was so obvious and universally maligned that even risk-averse global corporations feel you’re an easy and uncontroversial target of scorn.

If Joe Biden has been described as a “gaffe-machine” Donald Trump is more like a gaffe machine gun. His latest, greatest hit was greeting the championship-winning Clemson football team with a shockingly lame spread of cold hamburgers from Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonalds along with Domino’s pizza.

The fast food wasn’t just down to Trump’s penchant for disgusting processed meats but rather due to the ongoing government shutdown affecting even White house kitchen and waitstaff.

Trump bragged about his fast food solution, absolutely butchering the spelling of the word “hamburger” in the process, which he spelled ‘hamberders.”

Burger King couldn’t resist a snarky reply, noting that they were all out of “hamberders.”

Like the Clemson players probably were after crapping their brains out the tweet left Burger King’s fans hungry for more.

The memes were merciless and swift.

Here’s a video of the whole super-sized fiasco.