Buttigieg Blasts Christian Trump Supporters For Hypocrisy

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana is a 2020 presidential candidate and the current It Boy of the 2020 news cycle. The affable and well-spoken Afghanistan veteran has been everywhere lately and people are getting excited about his candidacy. He has that youthful AOC energy but is legally old enough to run for president.

In a recent interview on Meet The Press, Buttigieg was asked about comment’s he’d made questioning Donald Trump’s religious faith and was asked by host Chuck Todd why he thinks that evangelical Christians support Trump so strongly despite his questionable religiosity.

Buttigieg did not hold back, saying:

“It’s something that really frustrates me because the hypocrisy is unbelievable. Here you have somebody who not only acts in a way that is not consistent with anything that I hear in scripture and in church where it’s about lifting up the least among us and taking care of strangers, which is another word for immigrants, and making sure that you’re focusing your efforts on the poor…But also personally how you’re supposed to conduct yourself, not chest-thumping “look-at-me-ism” but humbling yourself before others.”

Buttigieg also called out the “cynical process” of Trump pretending to be a pro-life Christian to win votes and expressed shock that moralizing evangelicals would support someone who has been caught “writing hush money checks to adult film actresses.”

The contrast between the thoughtful, multilingual Buttigieg and our callous, often monosyllabic president is striking. People are desperate for an alternative to Trump and Buttigieg has emerged as an interesting option, though progressives will wonder if he’s progressive enough as they approach the primaries.

For now it’s just nice to hear a fresh voice articulate some of Trump’s many shortcomings, including his fake and calculated Christianity.

Observers online were quick to give “Mayor Pete” a rousing “Amen!” for his remarks.

On a related note if you’re one of the many people who find Buttigieg appealing but have no idea how to pronounce his name, there’s a helpful and catchy song about it.

h/t: RawStory