Trump Campaign Adviser Compares Female Democrats Wearing All White To The KKK

During Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, eyes were drawn to a sea of white—not the crowd of Republican congressmen—but the Democratic women congress members who donned all-white ensembles to make an important statement about the treatment of women’s issues under the Trump administration.

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President Trump made a feeble attempt to acknowledge this striking visual statement by noting, “we also have more women serving in the Congress than ever before.” But not everyone was respectful of this powerful nod to the suffragist movement and women’s rights as a whole.

In fact, senior adviser to Trump’s reelection campaign Katrina Pierson took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the Democrats’ white uniform. She goes so far as to compare them to the KKK…

And Pierson’s jab wasn’t the only one. Rev. Darrell Scott, who served on Trump’s presidential transition team also drew a comparison to the infamous hate group.

As did other right-wing party members.

Tuesday was not the first time congresswomen wore all-white to a SOTU address. They also made this powerful statement back in 2017. Rep. Lois Frankel shared the all-white attire was in response to the way the Republican party was treating women’s issues.

H/T The Washington Post