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Cardi B Slams Trump Over Shutdown In Viral Instagram Video

Cardi B just dropped a new video for her song “Twerk” but the rapper isn’t letting trivial things like self-promotion get in the way of what’s really bothering her—Trump’s ongoing government shutdown.

Cardi B posted a video on Instagram (flagged for Twitter by Jordan Uhl) venting her frustration at President Trump, who is now responsible for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history:

“I just wanna remind y’all because it’s been a little bit over three weeks, OK? It’s been a little bit over three weeks. Trump is now ordering—as in summonsing—federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid,” she said.

She then went on to chastise anyone who might bring up the shutdown that occurred during Obama’s presidency.

“Now, I don’t wanna hear y’all motherf*ckers talkin’ about, ‘Obama shut down the government for 17 days,’—Yeah, b*tch, for healthcare!”

While it’s true that Obama presided over one government shutdown, it was Congressional Republicans who were to blame for that one. Ted Cruz and other GOP legislators used the shutdown to try to force Obama to defund his signature healthcare law. The Democratic position was that the government continue to be funded at current levels, which is the same position they hold now.

Cardi B then reminded her followers that the government shutdown affects everyone, whether they’re directly employed by the government or not.

“Now, I know a lot of y’all don’t care because y’all don’t work for the government,” she continued. “But this sh*t is really f*ckin’ serious, bro. This sh*t is crazy. Like, our country is in a hell hole right now—all for a f*ckin’ wall.”

PREACH. The shutdown affects everyone, from people traveling, to those who depend on government workers patronizing their businesses, to anyone who eats fresh fruits and vegetables. Much like the garbage at our National Parks, stories about the ripple effects of the shutdown are starting to pile up (and they stink).

“B*tch, I’m scared,” Cardi finished. “This is crazy, and I really feel bad for these people that gotta go to f*ckin’ work to not get motherf*ckin’ paid.”

Cardi B is right to be scared. Former Obama officials recently outlined several “nightmare scenarios” we could be faced with if the shutdown continues. According to Raw Story:

“Among the “nightmare scenarios” that could unfold: Flights canceled as airport security screeners quit en masse, federal courts forced to stop hearing civil cases, city buses stopping operations because they don’t have funding.

It could also tank the economy, experts warn, as ‘economists say the shutdown threatens to shake consumer confidence and chip away at retail sales, particularly as unpaid federal workers and contractors forgo spending on cars, new homes and even entertainment.’”

Cardi B’s impassioned plea struck a chord on Twitter and earned her plenty of praise:

Some people were already imagining a presidential ticket featuring two bosses from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cardi B:

Unfortunately, it looks like the shutdown will continue as long as Trump refuses to open the government (or until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decides to let the Senate try to force Trump’s hand and override any veto attempts). In the meantime, props to Cardi B for keeping attention focused on what matters.


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