Cardi B Claims She Had Nothing To Do With Transphobic Meme On Facebook Page

Cardi B has denied responsibility for a transphobic meme that appeared on her official Facebook page over the weekend.

In a tweet posted Sunday, the singer claimed that a “former team member” is the only one with access to what “used to be my Facebook page,” but that was the extent of her statement.

Though the image, which included the transphobic slur “tranny,” has been deleted, fans and those in the trans community pointed out how harmful that word can be, and pointed out her use of it in the past.

Others wondered if this was just more fuel for Cardi’s feud with Nicki Minaj.

In January, Cardi B went on Periscope to defend husband Offset’s use of the word “queer” on the track “Boss Life,” and her past use of the transphobic slur, which she didn’t think was inappropriate because “trans people use it, and let’s not front like they don’t.” In May, she apologized for using words that are “offensive to the LGBT community.”

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