Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Just Trolled Trump At The Border Like A Boss

World-renowned cellist, and only cellist you can name, Yo-Yo Ma has made headlines by performing on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to protest Donald Trump’s draconian immigration policies.

According to HuffPost Ma performed on both sides of the border, in Laredo, Texas and in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to promote unity between the two countries as part of his “Bach Project” tour.

Furthermore, Huffpost reports that, in addition to performing, Ma did not mince words, making clear references to Trump’s proposed border wall and recent claims that the country is too full to accept immigrants, saying:

“In culture, we build bridges, not walls,”


“A country is not a hotel, and it’s not full.”

NPR reported on the event and also provides a video, courtesy of Texas Public Radio.

Users on social media captured some of the hauntingly beautiful music, which feels even more poignant considering the location and political context.

People expressed appreciation for Ma’s musical act of protest and unity.

h/t: HuffPost