Chase Bank Got Dragged For This Tone-Deaf Poor-Shaming Tweet

Sometimes brands and Twitter just don’t go together well.

Like on Monday, when the person responsible for Chase Bank’s social media presence posted a #MondayMotivation tweet that was meant to humanize the huge corporation but ended up backfiring spectacularly.

The horrifically bad take, which followed the format of many jokes on Twitter, depicted a conversation between “You” and your “bank account” that implied the reason so many people are broke is that they spend too much on fancy coffee and Ubers. Ummm…

The tweet, which got dragged so hard the company ended up deleting it, read:

You: why is my balance so low

Bank account: make coffee at home

Bank account: eat the food that’s already in the fridge

Bank account: you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks

You: I guess we’ll never know.

Of course, this scenario doesn’t explain how Chase Bank got itself 12 billion dollars into debt in the 2008 financial crisis. A LOT of coffee, maybe? Definitely Starbucks.

The tweet also doesn’t take into account all the other things that are involved in institutionalized poverty like stagnant wages, wage inequality, student debt, inflation, and medical hardships. Guess those aren’t as cute in joke form.

Anyway, people on Twitter reacted strongly to this patronizing, simplistic tweet that basically shamed anyone poor.

Rep. Katie Porter, who just weeks ago went after the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, for not paying their employees a living wage, tweeted that Chase should apologize and call it #ToneDeafTuesday.

Elizabeth Warren went after Chase, too. Brutal!

Dear Chase, maybe do better next time? Actually think before you tweet? Idk, give it a try.

h/t: Huffpost

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.