Twitter Has Strong Feelings About This Couple Who Served Pizza And Chicken Nuggets At Their Wedding

Weddings are often expensive, overdone occasions. Yes, it’s a special day that deserves to be celebrated, but is it really worth going into debt over? Some people think so, while others would rather spend that money on a honeymoon or a new home or even do something really crazy like save it.

Whatever the case, weddings tend to be a hot topic of discussion this time of year which is probably why Twitter has some strong feelings about this couple who decided to serve chicken nuggets and pizza to their guests.

Twitter user @tacotraplord recently shared photos from his friend’s wedding where they served chicken nuggets and pizza as their special meal.


As well as some fruit.


Oh yeah, and tons of donuts.


In his tweet, he asked female followers how they felt about the casual spread.

His caption read: “My homie got married and had pizza and nuggets from Chick Fill A… ladies what’s your thoughts?”

And the responses were pretty phenomenal.

Several people commented on how much money the meal probably saved.

While others started thinking of similar ideas for their own weddings.

Needless to say, I think we’re all in favor of a chicken nugget-pizza wedding.