Children At Trump Rally Taught How To Hate Foreigners Are A Frightening Sign Of What’s To Come

President Donald Trump’s Thursday evening rally speech for Republican nominee Matt Rosendale covered a wide array of topics; 99% of which were completely unrelated to Rosendale.

The president’s speech generated outrage, particularly his deeming Russian President Vladimir Putin “fine” immediately after reviving his racist “Pocahontas” diss against Sen. Elizabeth Warren — a demeaning insult he managed to compound by unnecessarily ridiculing #MeToo victims in the same breath. To Trump, the #MeToo and #TIMESUP movements are indicative of political correctness run amok.

Warren and survivors of sexual assault were joined by a long list of the president’s perceived enemies. “Representative Maxine Waters has an IQ ‘somewhere in the mid-60s,” said Trump, before attacking Senator John McCain for voting against destroying Obamacare, criticizing President George H.W. Bush’s campaign slogan, calling members of the media ‘bad people’ days after a mass shooting in a newsroom, declaring he would have made the ‘clown’ who climbed the Statue of Liberty in protest jump, maligning Hillary Clinton for what he calls “special treatment under the Justice Department,” and fully equating Democrats with both “anarchists” and “MS-13.”

Donald Trump’s remarks are neither novel nor surprising. The president proudly stepped into his role as Bully-In-Chief after campaigning upon that very same platform. Donald Trump’s remaining supporters are the sorts of people who intimidate and harass to get their way.

A video created and posted by BuzzFeed News exemplifies this in the most heartbreaking way imaginable. In the clip, two children dressed head-to-toe in MAGA gear stand outside of Trump’s Montana rally. A BuzzFeed reporter asks the kids, “What are the issues that are most important to you that Donald Trump has brought up this year?”

“I mean, building a wall, we don’t want Mexicans,” says the girl on the right, grinning from ear to ear. “No,” agrees the boy, adding, “or illegal immigrants.”

“And so why is that important to you?” asks the reporter. “Because we already have enough people in the United States,” answers the girl. “And the Mexicans are coming over here and overpopulating us,” adds her onscreen partner.

Of course the most upsetting thing about this clip is the fact that these children are simply repeating the hateful rhetoric spewed by their parents. These are the future #PermitPattys and #IDAdams of the nation. The childrens’ maligning of immigrants and Mexicans is made all the more lurid by the enormous grins on their faces. Many people pointed out the fact that Montana is one of the least populated states in the nation — just over 1 million, or half a million less than the population of Manhattan.

Twitter users posited the clip as clear evidence that racism is a learned behavior, and how this sort of xenophobic brainwashing is reminiscent of another group of young white people…

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the fact that these children are living proof that the racist old white establishment isn’t merely going to “die off,” replaced with woke women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. The most we can hope for them is that once they’ve grown, they will be exposed to peoples and cultures their parents were too ignorant to learn about, allowing them to cast off the systems of hate instilled by their elders.

In the meantime, they should be banned from eating tacos.