Chips Ahoy Roasts Conservatives Angry At Their Drag Queen Mother’s Day Ad

Chips Ahoy! – the makers of that double-barreled box of danger that can disappear into a glass of milk like nothing – recently posted a Mother’s Day message on Twitter featuring drag performer Vanessa Vanjie.

In the spot Vanjie, who’s best known for appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, wishes viewers a happy Mother’s Day and extols viewers to get their moms – or drag moms –  a cookie or two and some milk.

It’s a very tame little video but apparently a drag performer saying the words “whoever you consider your mama” was enough to summon the culture warriors out of their caves to decry the ad as yet another example of America’s creeping moral decay.

According to Mediaite, one prominent objector was the Federalist’s David Reaboi who shared a photo voicing his displeasure with the spot, calling it “woke-ass” and “hyper-politicized.”

Others called for a boycott.

All because a drag queen wished them a happy Mother’s Day. The horrors.

As you would expect the complainants were promptly roasted for their Neolithic attitudes but somewhat more surprising is the fact that Chips Ahoy! itself gleefully joined the pile-on.

Yes whatever young gun is manning the Chips Ahoy! social channels clearly cracked his or her knuckles and let fly, needling the conservatives for being, in the parlance of the young and online, “big mad.”

You can certainly take a skeptical view of brands advertising themselves as socially conscious on social media – like anything they do it’s generally a calculated decision to enrich their brand and ultimately themselves – but it’s always nice to see conservatives get roasted for whining when the culture doesn’t adhere to their Stone Age beliefs. The times are a’changing suckers.

h/t: Mediaite