Chris Evans Obliterates Men Complaining That There’s No ‘Straight Pride’ Parade

There are always those men who hate when anyone else has something for themselves. The ones who, when a local club announces a ladies’ night, complain, “Why isn’t there a MEN’S night??” And the ones who, on International Women’s Day, whine, “But why isn’t there one for MEN?” (There is.)

What these men don’t understand is that thanks to the patriarchy, basically every day IS men’s day. Cis, straight, white men still rule the world, and having a day or a parade to honor someone is not going to take that away from them.

But that didn’t stop a group of Boston men, known as Super Happy Fun America, from planning a “Straight Pride Parade” for the end of August, because LGBTQIA+ people get to have one in June (which is Pride month). Yes, that’s right, these men are upset that gay people get their own parade and they want one of their own.

They filed a discrimination case (long sigh) in order to obtain permission to fly a Straight Pride flag, and it seems like they might get their way (surprise!)

The announcement was met with jeers on Twitter, and some celebrities stepped up to share their views on the inanity. One such celeb was Chris “Captain America” Evans, who tweeted about this group’s obvious homophobia.

In another tweet, Evans also pointed out how having a “straight pride” and “LGBTQIA+” are NOT the same thing, because straight people have never been treated the same way queer people have—stigmatized, marginalized, met with discrimination and often violence.

People on Twitter loved Evans’ response.

Of course, because Twitter is Twitter, at least a few people tried to pull out the ol’ “Hollywood stars shouldn’t talk politics” nonsense.

But those people were shut down with a quickness, too.

So let that be a lesson to you, Super Happy Whatever Whatever—you don’t need a Straight Pride parade because every day is already Straight Pride. It’s okay to celebrate other people sometimes, too.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.