Chrissy Teigen Claps Back At Kent State Gun Troll Over Logan Paul Appearance

Chrissy Teigen responded to CJ “anti-Obama kid” Pearson on Twitter last Tuesday after he tweeted “Ok, John’s wife,” at her, presumably in defense of Kaitlin Bennet and her upcoming appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast.

For those you ignorant to awful teenagers in media, a quick explainer:

Kaitlin Bennet, whose identity revolves around 2A and who is a “correspondent” for Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory channel Infowars, announced on Twitter that she would be appearing on Logan Paul’s podcast.

Logan Paul is a popular YouTuber whose history of problematic behaviors include but are not remotely limited to: live-streaming and mocking a suicide victim hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest, announcing last month he would be “going gay for a month,” and a long trail of tweets ripe with racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs.

And CJ Pearson went viral in early 2015 when he was just 13-years-old for making a three-minute video criticizing Barack Obama. He instantly became known as the “anti-Obama” kid and though he’s since voiced that he doesn’t want to be associated with that nickname anymore, he is now the executive director of Teens for Trump.

Teigen initially replied to Bennett’s podcast announcement by writing: “I’ve just gotten word that the internet does in fact, not care.”

Pearson’s reply implied that Chrissy Teigen—New York Times bestselling author, Mayor of Twitter, chef, and supermodel—is known only to people as John Legend’s wife.

Which is funny, because nobody knows who CJ Pearson is.




Pearson wasn’t ready to quit. Instead, he doubled down on his attack before urging Teigen to “get a real job.”


h/t Twitter