Conservatives Freak Out After Christian Bale Thanks Satan For ‘Inspiring’ Him To Play Dick Cheney

Christian Bale’s impressive portrayal of former vice president Dick Cheney in Vice earned him a best actor Golden Globe on Sunday night. And during his speech, the actor made sure to thank someone very important for inspiring him in the role: Satan.

Speaking in his normal British accent, which caught a lot of people by surprise, Bale referred to Cheney as a “charisma-free a**hole” “reviled by everybody” and said, “Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role.” 

Bale also threw out a suggestion for who he could play next: Mitch McConnell.

The Satan comment drew lots of laughs from the audience, and from people on Twitter who were watching at home.

The Church of Satan responded to Bale in a tweet last night, and they approve.

A tweet from the official Twitter account of the Church of Satan read, “To us, Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an extreme metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. As Mr. Bale’s own talent and skill won him the award, this is fitting. Hail Christian! Hale Satan!”

But of course, not everyone was happy about Bale thanking Satan. Conservatives were predictably angry.

Liz Cheney, upset by Bale’s comments about her father, tweeted a reminder that Bale was arrested in 2008 for allegedly assaulting his sister and mother.

Linking to an article about the arrest, Liz Cheney wrote, “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too.”

However, as the Daily Beast pointed out, there was some context missing from her tweet. Bale denied the allegation when he was arrested, and the “assault” actually referred to him shouting obscenities at his mother after she insulted his wife. There was apparently no physical attack, and in the end, British authorities dismissed the charges due to “insufficient evidence.”

People stuck up for Bale, though, and pointed out how truly evil Dick Cheney really is.

h/t: Daily Beast


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.