Christian Mom Group Is Furious Over The Naughty Swear Words In Burger King’s New Meals

So Burger King, that bastion of unnecessarily stacked garbage meat, has a new marketing campaign where they’re trying to appeal to depressed teens and get them to gorge on even more fast food.

An apparent play on the McDonald’s “Happy Meal” the campaign involves colored “Real Meal” boxes with names like the “Salty Meal,” “Yaaaas Meal,” “Pissed Meal,” and “DGAF Meal.” It’s unclear what, if anything, these catchphrases have to do with the contents of the box.

Now a group of concerned Christian mothers, known as One Million Moms, has raised an outcry over the campaign, not for it’s terrible message about eating your feelings, but for its profanity.

In a campaign that currently has over 5,000 signatures the miffed moms decried the boxes as “a marketing disaster,” citing their “crude language,” and urged Burger King to remove the “pissed” and “DGAF” boxes immediately before America’s children are ruined forever.

Mood boxes include the “Pissed,” “Blue,” “Salty,” “YAAAS” (slang for yes), and the “DGAF” meal – an acronym for, “Don’t give a f—-.”

Though the Real Meals are Whopper-based meals, the boxes are replicas of Happy Meal boxes and will, therefore, attract children. No matter the target market, this campaign is a marketing disaster.

As much as it pains me to side with a group of Christian moms about anything these boxes are just bad. It has nothing to do with profanity. They’re bad because they’re a stark example of a corporate behemoth trying to jump onto any possible trend it can squeeze a few million dollars out of, even if that trend is our nation’s delicate mental health.

It’s also bad because there are few things that sound less appetizing than eating out of something called a “pissed box.”