This Viral Thread On Why It’s Ok To Say ‘F**k Trump’ Is Making People Say ‘F**k Yeah!’

Author, comic book writer, and blogger Chuck Wendig recently penned a lengthy Twitter thread explaining why using profanity when speaking about Donald Trump is not only TOTALLY FINE, it’s a necessary part of #TheResistance.

The thread addresses several points. The first is that liberals — with the help of the media — have become so preoccupied with “taking the high road,” they’ve allowed the right to hold itself to an abominably low standard.

It is beyond ridiculous to give comedians and actors any sh*t for cussing when the president and his entire administration is teeming with liars and crooks devoid of humanity and decency.

Wendig goes on to explain that potential anti-Trump voters turned off by the f-bomb but not every other facet of Trump’s problematic existence have zero potential to vote anti-Trump anyway.

“Real-talk: at this point I distrust anybody who *doesn’t* liberally pepper their statements about him with rage-froth vulgarisms,” writes Wendig. “If you don’t uncontrollably utter ‘F**k Trump’ at least *twice a day* you’re probably of dubious judgement anyway.”

The Star Wars author describes how skilled the GOP has become at gaslighting liberals for their own trespasses.

How the left has allowed it to happen, and still continues to do so with alarming eagerness.

The author then lays out the problematic role the media plays in this sad state of affairs. “They of course pick up the narrative *not!* because it serves some well-intended narrative of balance, but because it f***ing sells,” Wendig writes, adding that we are all complicit in this self-perpetuating cycle of garbage news.


Most appalling of all are the false equivalences we’ve allowed the GOP to run with.

The comic book writer then parallels GOP tactics with typical abuser behaviors.

“A tiny perceived infraction is used to justify a much later, considerably disproportionate abuse. In a kind of weaponized, venomous hypocrisy.”

An apt example: Wendig recalls how Last Jedi director Rian Johnson recently called a very specific but vocal subset of white male misogynists “manbabies” after they bullied Kelly Marie Tran off of Instagram.

Anyway, the point is, f**k Trump.

And also, f**k Trump.