Cinderblock The Cat Has Become A Fitness Icon With Her Hilarious Treadmill Videos

It’s very hard for humans to motivate themselves to work out, so imagine what it’s like for a cat. Cats pretty much just enjoy sleeping and jumping on your head in the middle of the night, which isn’t super cardio heavy. A chubby kitty is fun to squeeze, but at a certain point, they get too big to wake you up with a thump, and then it’s time to see a vet or put them on a regimen, because they definitely won’t do it on their own.

A cat named Cinderblock has been struggling very publicly with this exact problem. Cinderblock’s story started out a bit sad: she was surrendered to a vet in her town and declared clinically obese.

The facility is called Northshore Veterinary Hospital, in Belingham, Washington, according to Huffpost, and they gained a lot of attention after posting a short video of Cinderblock standing on the farthest edge of a treadmill, one paw moving, and meowing angrily.

“Are you working out?” a man’s voice asks her. Her miserable face indicates she is.

People find Cinderblock’s reluctance to get fit extremely relatable. The treadmill sucks, we all know it and so does this cat. The Instagram video made it’s way to Twitter, and everyone pounced on it like Cinderblock with hopefully one day be able to again:

You can get updates on Cinderblock, because the Northshore has been posting more about how Cinderblock is doing and how they’re encouraging her to get back to her jumping weight. They play with her and scatter her kibble so she has to work for it a little harder. Is that what I should do with potato chips for myself?

They also pet her, don’t worry:

The medical director of Northshore Veterinary Hospital Brita Kiffney told HuffPost that Cinderblock is a great cat when she’s not on the treadmill, saying “Extremely affectionate, she purrs whenever you talk to her, she’s very sweet.”

And she has started to master her workout routine:

A fitness icon:

Go, Cinderblock, go! We are all rooting for you…from the couch.