Cindy McCain Shares Vile Messages She Receives In Wake Of Trump’s Attacks

President Trump gave some of his usual rambling remarks at a tank factory in Lima, Ohio today. While his speech meandered into national security, auto unions, and industrial policy his comments about the late Senator John McCain got the most attention.

Trump continued his bizarre feud with the now-dead John McCain, whining that he never got a “thank you” after approving the Republican senator’s funeral plans:

Naturally, Trump using the bully pulpit to bash a dead senator didn’t go over well on Twitter:

It didn’t go over well in the room, either:

Meghan McCain has been outspoken in condemning Trump’s attacks on her father, and last night her mother gave people a peek into what it’s like for her family when Trump shoots his mouth off. Cindy McCain shared some of the hateful messages she’d received in the wake of Trump’s attacks on her husband and it’s pretty vile stuff:

Anytime Trump turns his sights on someone, his loyal army of rabid trolls attack. It’s a disgusting pattern, but it’s one Trump seems to revel in. Perhaps the worst part about it is that it’s completely divorced from him being president—it’s an entire cult of personality.

One day Trump will no longer be in the Oval Office, but he’ll still be right there on Twitter. He’ll still have a fawning angry fan base. He’ll still command outsized media attention. It’s a depressing reality.

h/t: CSPAN, Washington Post