17 Of The Most Brutal Yet Beautiful Clap Backs To Pro-Lifers

Eight states have passed bills to limit abortions so far this year, with Missouri passing a bill last Friday to ban the procedure after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Earlier that week Alabama voted to ban abortions in all cases, including incest and rape, making it the first outright ban.

According to the New York Times, “Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio stopped short of outright bans, instead passing so-called heartbeat bills that effectively prohibit abortions after six to eight weeks of pregnancy, when doctors can usually start detecting a fetal heartbeat,” while “Utah and Arkansas voted to limit the procedure to the middle of the second trimester.”

Of course, banning women’s constitutional right to an abortion, particularly in instances of rape and incest, is not just unlawful and immoral—it’s outright cruel and will only lead to women dying as they seek unsafe abortions. The situation is even more infuriating when we consider that it was 25 men who voted to advance Alabama’s abortion ban. (No uterus, no opinion!)

On that note, here are 17 of the most brutal, and deserved, comebacks to pro-lifers.

1. This reality check:

2. This savage truth:

3. This reassurance:

4. This reminder to mind yours:

5. This questioning of Alabama’s true intentions:

6. This double whammy:

7. This proficient schooling:

8. This dunk on the entire state of Alabama:

9. This double-headed response:

10. This elevated “yo momma” burn:

11. This “every life is precious” investigation:

12. This concern for big business:

13. This definitely not “mute” point:

14. This…is not a human:

15. This example (middle tweet) of why Alabama is ranked 50th in the nation in education:

16. This condemnation of Governor Ivey, who signed the Alabama abortion ban into law:

17. This…means you’re pro-choice:

Finally, though this isn’t directly in response to the abortion debate, here’s this bonus clapback: