CNN Fact-Checked Sarah Sanders’ Lies In Real Time And People Are Rejoicing

CNN is over putting up with Sarah Sanders lying. CNN included in its coverage of Tuesday’s White House press briefing a “Facts First” box on the screen. The box flashed key points about the new National Climate Assessment that was released over Thanksgiving by Trump’s own administration.

The report predicts that the U.S. will face at least three more degrees of warming this century. As the screen told viewers, the climate change report involved the participation of 300 scientists and 13 agencies. But of course, President Trump still doesn’t believe it.

The “Facts First” box didn’t actually fact check Sanders in real time (how great would that be?) but it did list facts about the report (like that it was open for review before being published) that beg the question: why won’t Trump just believe this? It’s science!

People on Twitter loved CNN’s idea and heaped praise upon the President’s least favorite news network.

One person had the brilliant idea to add a few hecklers to the screen, a là Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The CNN “Facts First” box is an excellent way to deal with Sarah Huckabee’s lies at press briefings, but unfortunately, it’s not going to convince President Trump that global warming is real.

h/t Huffington Post


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.