CNN Makes Trump Supporter Admit To The President’s Bigotry

After Trump demanded Congresswoman Ilhan Omar resign after she was accused of engaging in antisemitic tropes, people everywhere pointed out the hypocrisy. These people included CNN host Erin Burnett, who played clip after clip of Trump making racist and generally bigoted comments for the Republican CNN contributor Scott Jennings, who is known for defending the President no matter what he does.

However, after so many, many examples of Trump’s own bigotry for which he has definitely not resigned, even Jennings couldn’t entirely deny that the President doesn’t have a single leg to stand on, saying that he “doesn’t have a perfect track record on these issues.”

This small admission was all that Burnett and Democratic commentator Keith Boykin got, however. Jennings still refused to admit that if Omar should have to resign, then Trump should have to resign dozens of times. The Trump fan also tried to brush aside the hypocrisy of any Republican suddenly demanding that someone engaging in problematic language immediately resign by claiming that people are talking about it now because it just happened.

Why didn’t Republicans talk about it every time Trump did it? Why is it just “speaking his mind” when Trump does it?

Maybe that’s too much to ask.

Congresswoman Omar has already apologized and has been actively working with Jewish leaders to learn about antisemitism and discuss how to approach the issue of Israel and Palestine without crossing a line. Trump, meanwhile, has been busy *checks notes* lying about the size of his rally crowd in comparison to Beto’s.

Understandably frustrated, Boykin later tweeted the clip of his argument with Jennings along with a statement about party double standards.

“I’m sick and tired of Democrats holding our elected officials accountable while Republicans rarely do the same,” he wrote. “Republicans condemn Ralph Northam or Ilhan Omar, but won’t condemn Trump’s racism or Kevin McCarthy’s anti-Semitism. Spare me with your hypocrisy and double standards.”

Turns out he’s not the only one annoyed about this.