College Professor Destroys Trump’s Plan To Arm Teachers In Just 13 Tweets

Since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Donald Trump has been desperate to appear like he’s trying to solve the problem of school shootings. He even held a listening session where he politely ignored calls for gun control, despite clear written instructions to AT LEAST say “I hear you.” The pressure from the student activists’ campaign to ban weapons of war, like the AR-15 that was pointed at them over a week ago, has forced Trump to make some weak concessions like raising the minimum age to purchase these firearms to 21. Unfortunately, Trump’s big plan to safeguard American kids from an epidemic of school shootings is laughably bad, but it appeals to the National Rifle Association, which means he’s never gonna give it up.

Trump’s plan to fight the scourge of school shootings is to arm “10-40%” of “gun adept” teachers who may or may not be former military personnel.

The plan, which is opposed by law enforcement groups and teachers alike, is insane on its face, but Trump can’t seem to shake the idea from his feeble and deteriorating mind.

To call it “half-baked” would be being generous. Sadly, the “good guy with a gun” myth meshes too well with the gun manufacturing lobby’s bottom line and the bloody revenge fantasies of the right-wing base. Speaking at CPAC today, Trump promised that one of these gun-toting teachers would have “shot the hell out of” the Parkland shooter, to rapt applause from the ghoulish crowd.

But Trump accidentally made a good point in arguing for specifically arming teachers and not some other security personnel: Teachers love their students.

In a now-viral tweet storm, a gun-carrying educator made a similar point against Trump’s awful, awful idea.

Josh Grubbs, a professor of psychology at Bowling Green State University, obliterated Trump’s idea that armed teachers should be the first line of defense against school shooters.

Teachers already have a lot on their plate. They’re underpaid, overworked, and stressed the hell out. Giving them a gun, even if it comes with a raise, isn’t going to ease their nerves or make their jobs any easier. Also, teachers love their kids! Putting the psychological weight on them that they might have to kill one of their students at some point is torture. That’s one of MANY MANY MANY reasons teachers are rejecting this ridiculous plan.