‘You’re A Bad Police Officer’—Commissioner Calls Out Cop At Award Ceremony For Falsely Arresting Him Years Ago

In a dramatic moment at an award ceremony in Tamarac, Florida, Commissioner Mike Gelin took the microphone to accuse BSO Deputy Joshua Gallardo of arresting him under false pretenses during another incident four years earlier, and then lying on the subsequent police report. Gelin made his statement right after the deputy was recognized at the April 2019 Deputy of the Month on Wednesday. Gallardo had identified a driver as being a man with an outstanding murder warrant and arrested him during a traffic stop.

Gelin’s accusation brought the ceremony to a standstill. Then he walked away. You can see the moment when everyone false silent after his astonishing assertion:

“It’s good to see you again. You probably don’t remember me, but you’re the police officer who falsely arrested me four years ago,” Gelin said. “You lied on the police report. I believe you are a rogue police officer. You’re a bad police officer, and you don’t deserve to be here.”

Then he walked away.

According to local news affiliate WVSN, Gelin’s accusation refers to a fight that broke out in front of a Salvation Army. Gelin was a witness to the altercation and he was filming the events afterward, which has become a common behavior amongst bystanders when police are involved. Gallardo then, for some reason, arrested Gelin.

In his report, Gallardo wrote that he asked Gelin “to move back, that this a crime scene. He advised he was recording the incident, and that he did not have to move.”

“I advised him he could continue to record, but that he would have to move back behind the bushes to the east side to provide space for when rescue comes,” Gallardo continued. “He failed to comply with my commands to move from the area … While attempting to handcuff the subject, he pulled his hands away from me and put his phone in his pocket.”

Gelin has released a statement about the confrontation at the ceremony:

“I have no comment other than to say that I had a frank conversation with [Broward] Sheriff Tony, and we will move forward from this issue in a positive and constructive manner. I know I did not do anything wrong that day, yet I was arrested. When I shared the video with the State Attorney’s Office to prove that I did nothing wrong, they declined to file charges against me.”

It’s hard to know what happened, but a lot of Gelin’s associates are unhappy with him for bringing it up in the moment. It’s hard to imagine sitting through a ceremony honoring an officer you think is corrupt, and whose corruption you believe touched you, however. People watching have made their own judgments, commenting that Gallardo nods his head, in recognition or agreement with Gelin:

Gelin did take a big risk by outing Gallardo as the cop who lied about him, as the reaction from his colleagues makes clear.

Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez told reporters she was horrified by the commissioner’s comments.

“[I] did not know that this had happened,” Gomez said. “I did not think it was appropriate. It was a personal comment of something that happened in his personal life being aired in the wrong form, wrong place, wrong time.”

The replies above are correct: more emphasis is being put on whether or not Gelin was being “civil” then on the fact that there was a lying cop getting an award. No wonder he was calmly nodding—he’s gonna get out of this clean as a whistle.