Check This Man’s Brilliant Comparison Of Anti-Vaxxers And People Who Don’t Use Carseats

Despite a constantly growing body of research proving that vaccines do not cause autism and are in fact necessary for the survival of the human race, anti-vaxxers are growing in ranks.

The spread of misinformation concerning immunizations is so rapid that the World Health Organization named “vaccine hesitancy” one of the global threats for 2019.

As anti-vaxxers arm themselves with fake ‘science,’ poorly constructed memes, and one debunked study conducted by a disgraced non-scientist in the ’90s, so must the rest of us figure out ways to sway these poorly misguided souls.

One Reddit user figured out an argument based completely on logic—and people think it makes quite a lot of sense.

“I’ve found a new favorite way to troll antivaxxers,” they wrote. “Whatever their argument is, I take it and apply it to car seats. It works surprisingly well.”

People largely applauded the reasoning behind OP’s metaphor, though many voiced concern that anti-vaxxers will now boycott carseats as well as vaccines.


Some folks demonstrated how simple it was to craft their own false and illusory correlations based on nothing but willful ignorance.

In fact, there are already groups of people out there who genuinely mistrust carseats, airbags, and other car safety features.

According to a report from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), two in five parents “are exposed to negative messages about vaccines on social media,” and a quarter of all parents surveyed believe incorrectly that “you can have too many vaccinations.”

The growing number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children has caused some of those kids to secretly get vaccinated, and others to seek advice on Reddit to figure out how to go about it.

h/t Bored Panda