Congressman Shares ‘New Civil War’ Meme, Suggests Republicans Would Win Easily

Just a few days after a mass shooting killed 50 people in a terrorist attack on two New Zealand mosques Congressman Steve King took to his official Facebook page to share a low-quality meme about a potential second American civil war.

In the now-deleted post King shared a meme that read “Folks keep talking about another civil war / One side has about 8 trillion bullets, while the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use”  to which King added “wonder which side would win…” and a smirking emoji.

It’s the kind of thing a 15 year-old edgelord would post, not a sitting representative of the U.S. government. Somehow in a single post King managed to both glorify violence, fantasize about the destruction of the country that he works for, and bash liberals for caring about trans rights issues. Yessir that Steve King is a real triple threat: a bigot, an assh*le and a moron.

The timing of the post was especially eyebrow-raising coming, as it did, in the immediate wake of the Christchurch mass shooting as anxieties about hatred and gun violence are on the rise. King is one of the most openly bigoted members of Congress and, while he claims not to be a white nationalist, has tweeted things like “demographics are our destiny. we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

He’s also done other classy things like bash survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

So now he’s moved on to civil war fantasies, as you do.

Adding to the absurdity of it all, it was quickly pointed out that King’s meme celebrating war, death, and transphobia places his own state of Iowa on the losing side.

Even in the current, fraught political climate people pointed out how wild it was that an elected official was joking around about a nation-destroying civil war and wondered how Republicans and the media would react if, say, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar had made such a statement and not a very white man.

h/t: Newsweek