Watch This Congresswoman Use Simple Math To Shame A Billionaire Bank CEO

A video tweeted by Now This shows Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA.) at a House Financial Services Committee hearing this week, slamming billionaire JP Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon, for not paying his bank employees a living wage. Her takedown, which broke down the budget of a bank teller living in Irvine, CA with a 6-year-old child and a one-bedroom apartment, was an absolutely savage piece of pure art.

Using a whiteboard, Porter detailed the income and expenses of the bank teller and showed how, no matter what she did, she would not be able to make ends meet on her wage of $16.50 an hour, 40 hours a week. Keep in mind that Dimon makes about $31 million a year.

Porter illustrated how the teller’s income did not cover all her expenses, and how she was $567 in the hole each month just from covering the cost of the apartment, her 2008 mini-van, utilities, daycare, the cheapest phone plan she could find, and food for herself and her child.

The Democratic congresswoman then asked Dimon if he thought the teller should take out a JP Morgan Chase credit card (which benefits him) or pay overdraft fees on her bank account. His only response: “I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

At one point, Dimon says that he’d like to be “helpful” to this woman, and Porter’s quick retort was, “I appreciate your desire to be helpful, but what I’d like you to do is provide a way for families to make ends meet.”

Although the video doesn’t show it, Dimon apparently questioned Porter’s math, so she tweeted a picture of herself holding the whiteboard with all her figures on it.

People on Twitter loved the clip and jumped in to say so.

I think we can safely say we stan a Democratic queen.

h/t: Twitter: @nowthisnews, Twitter: @RepKatiePorter


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.