Conservative Freaks Out Over ‘Demonic’ Drag Queen Storytime And Gets Ridiculed

There’s a charming and wholesome event series known as Drag Queen Storytime in which fabulously clad drag queens read to kids at public libraries.

As events go it’s extremely unobjectionable and nice so of course its become a flashpoint for conservative moral scolds and crackpots of all stripes. At one such even a Trump supporter with a gun even showed up.

These guys are easily triggered and with their love of camp and disregard for old-fashioned gender norms drag queens trigger them like no one else. As such, reacting to an invite for such an event at the Sacramento Public Library, New York Post opinion editor Sohrab Ahmari melodramatically declared that the event was “demonic” and blasted the “liberal order.”

It’s less than shocking to hear this coming from someone affiliated with the NY Post as the paper has routinely engaged in right-wing moralizing and Islamophobic smears, which has included targeting Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Needless to say, Ahmari was dragged to hell for his “demonic” claims.

First came the lesser demons: Memes.

Then came the third degree burns.