Conservative Self-Owns By Pointing Out No One Cares About CPAC

Yesterday was the final and most resembling an LSD nightmare day of the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC. Most of the press coverage was focused on Donald Trump’s two-hour sweat fest, during which he groped the American flag and went on the usual unfocused rant about mothers funneling birth control pills directly down their daughters’ throats. There was also something about John McCain’s ghost, because nothing says conservative like bashing dead war veterans that were on their side of the aisle the whole time.

Other than those focus points, the general public was not so interested in this year’s CPAC. And conservatives might have been able to go on with the year without anyone noticing the mass disinterest if it weren’t for Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp, the man with the funniest sounding last name since John Boehner. In what is being called a “historic self-own,” Schlapp went on Twitter to blame Twitter for the fact that CPAC wasn’t trending while Bernie Sanders’ latest rally was.

Are conservatives out of touch with the public, particularly younger generations who are more likely to use Twitter?

No, it’s the Twitter who is wrong.

Would anyone have noticed that CPAC wasn’t really trending at all outside of people being creeped out by Donald’s flop sweat if Schlapp hadn’t accidentally pointed out that Bernie Sanders is way more popular than all of conservatism because he doesn’t know how Twitter works? Probably not. Thanks, Matt Schlapp!

Somehow, in spite of half of Twitter taking this incredible opportunity to dunk on Schlapp for being an old man yelling at the cloud, the chairman hasn’t deleted the tweet yet.

Go eat some worms, Schlapp.