Conservatives Attack AOC Over Airport Croissants, Miss Her Point Hard

Because she lives in their heads 24/7 rent free, conservatives have been freaking out all day because Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the high cost of croissants at an airport to point out how ridiculously low the federal minimum wage is.

Now, everybody knows that airports like LaGuardia engage in price gouging because in this hellish timeline you can’t get your own food past security. And everyone complains about it every time they have to fly somewhere. At least Ocasio-Cortez spiced it up a little by making a good point about how people in the U.S. view the value of human labor and time. This tweet should not have created a national incident.

And yet, certain people are so upset about it that LaGuardia was trending on Twitter today. And conservatives, plus the entire New York Post, are absolutely determined to miss the point.

And then there’s all the world’s amateur economists jumping in to lie about LaGuardia’s minimum wage.

Okay business major, but did you know that the current minimum wage at LaGuardia is actually $13.60, because minimum wage increases are always phased in, and the $19 per hour wage that the airport voluntarily adopted won’t be in place until 2023?

Also, raising the minimum wage does not force businesses to raise prices – that’s their choice. Real economists, and many business owners, know that paying employees better increases morale, leading to better service and more customers. Raising the minimum wage in an entire area has the added benefit of boosting the entire economy as those affected have more money to spend on other businesses. That’s why it’s done in stages.

But why bother with logic when you have an opportunity to attack a threatening woman of color?

If Ben Shapiro really believed that human worth is infinite, he’d be so close to reaching the point.

Here are some other terrible takes to roll your eyes about:

What farm is she talking about here?

And the rest is just Tony Posnanski taking shots at conservative media.

Well done, sir. Now all we can do is sit and wait for croissant-gate to blow over so that conservatives can go back to yelling about how the Green New Deal bans America or whatever they’ll come up with next.