Conservatives Freak Out After Pro-Trump Facebook Group Gets Overrun By Fun-Loving Trolls

A Facebook page dedicated to conservative media star Candace Owens has some new visitors and not everyone is happy about it.

The page “Candace Owens – Breaking Loose From Democrat Brainwashing” was apparently a serious and staunchly-conservative one until a recent onslaught of posts from trolls began appearing that include both anti-Trump memes and memes and posts that are so cartoonishly conservative that they can only be read as satire.

In one example someone claiming to be a conservative posted a meme suggesting that he was so patriotic that he would perform oral sex on police officers out of sheer respect.


Someone also posted an image of Donald and Ivanka Trump that wasn’t even pretending to be from a Trump supporter.

This has mightily cheesed off some of the page’s regular posters who called the sudden influx “a coordinated effort to take out this site because of its effectiveness exposing leftist and the truth” and warned each other that the posts were NOT coming from Owens.

(Note: It’s unclear if the page was every more than a fan page for Owens. It does have the URL however lacks the verification badge of Owens’ official page.)

Some wanted to stay and fight the pranksters…

While others wanted to leave, showing a tenuous grasp of technology with desperate pleas to “TAKE ME OFF THIS GROUP!”

Ah score one tiny point in the culture wars. Or at least a momentary distraction from the yawning void.