Child Rapper Featured On ‘Ellen’ Manhandled By Police At The Mall

A 12-year-old rapper was grabbed and roughly manhandled by police at a Georgia shopping mall for selling his own CDs. Video footage of Corey Jackson—known as Corey J.—went viral after a Cobb County police officer grabbed his arm and the boy’s aunt began to tape the confrontation.

“You’re about to go to jail,” the officer keeps telling the little boy, who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March 2017. “Stop, Listen. You’re 12? Stop. You’re about to go to jail. You’re gonna go to a youth detention center if you don’t stop,” he says.

Corey’s aunt, Coraletha Jackson, is heard insisting that the officer speak to the boy’s father, who was on thephone.

“I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him,” she says.

The officer keeps a strong hold on the boy’s arm and things escalate when he asks to be released. At this point, the camera is jostled—which Cobb County police spokeswoman Sarah O’Hara said was due to the boy’s aunt “getting physical” with the officer.

“She was still holding on to the camera as she’s assaulting my officer,” O’Hara said, according to NBC News.

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It’s jusssss like this! When God is blessing you?? Tha Devil??‍♂️ is always rite around tha corner to seek & destroy. Tha fact that he snatched me & was trying to drag me around like I’m sum criminal that’s stealing, robbing or killing or sum is #Crazy. But tha worst part is he trying to charging me with a #felony putting my hands on a #PoliceOfficer he say I tried to brake his fingers, he say I cussed him & he say I pushed him! Where in this video do it show I did anything but tell him I know my rights & then when he proceeded to try and drag me my auntie stepped in & got in between us to get tha #Police off me, cause he was treating me like uh lil rag dog he can sling around…. All #Police is not bad, a lot are good friends of mines. But it’s some of you that do not deserve to be in a #PoliceUniform & this guy is clearly 1!!! Right is Right / Wrong is Wrong!! #CobbCounty #Police We must get to tha bottom of this… I’m just a kid out here standing for tha right & Motivating other kids in a positive way. Why try to destroy & bring me down!?!???‍♂️??‍♂️ #coreyj #thejasminebrand

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Mic reports that mall administrators had previously prohibited Corey from selling CDs inside the mall, considering it criminal trespassing.

According to CBS 46, Corey faces charges of disorderly conduct with violence, criminal trespassing and an obstruction felony. The 12-year-old addressed his arrest and court appearance in an Instagram post on Feb. 23, calling it “ridiculous” that he is facing a felony at his age.

“Seriously like I really wake up everyday asking myself why would this police officer tell these Ludacris /ridiculous stories on me that now have me having to go to court facing a felony at 12 years old,” he wrote in the post.

“As if I’m really a robber, killer / Murderer or some kid that cuss out and fight police officers or sum! Like I’m jus so foreal I just don’t understand why a man would do this & have me going threw all this!!#NotWorthItAtAll.”

He ended his pot by asking for the officer’s bodycam footage to be released.

Many agree with Corey, arguing that there is no justification for the officer’s behavior and rough handling a child.

The incident has sparked a conversation about police brutality and force concerning people of color, and of the lack of punishment and rule of law exhibited when cops step way out of line.

Though the Cobb County Police Department opened an internal investigation after community outrage, Police Chief Michael Register defended the officer’s actions and told reporters “He was within his rights.”

“During that interaction, the juvenile continued to be verbally resistant to give any information,” Register said after the incident. “A lot of people said he (the officer) was handling (the child). The officer, all he was doing was holding the young man by the arm.”

h/t NBC News/Mic